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Intellectual Asset Management




The adage, "Knowledge Is Power", is appropriate to describe the required steps performed when successfully managing Intellectual Assets.  The knowledge garnered from comprhensive Intellectual Asset audits and analysis serves as the foundation when developing an Intellectual Asset Management Plan and that powers Intellectual Asset Commercialization and Intellectual Asset Monetization activities.


Relying on industry tested/proven success generating techniques and methodologies, IAMG deploys its Intellectual Asset Management, Commercialization, and Moentization Plans with confidence.  Set expectations will be met or surpassed expending defined levels of effort, capital, and time. As your Intellectual Asset Management Advisor, IAMG will assist you and your organization to aggregate the necessary data to drive important decisions regarding Intellecual Asset Commercialization and Monetization.

Intellectual Asset Commercialization & Emerging Company Ideation


Product/Services commercialization is an enormous undertaking whether it is being performed by seasoned entrepreneurs or a first time innovator/inventor. The challenges posed in technology commercialization are many including fund raising, prototyping, certification, manufacturing, deployment,  

delivery logistics, sales, marketing, and sustainability just to name a few. IAMG's principals, transaction partners, and advisors have decades of experience in commercialization planning and deployment that has a singular focus of harvesting optimal yield for all of the stakeholders.


Standing apart from conventional advisory firms, IAMG seamlessly converges business/finance, legal, and technology knowledge, experience, and skill sets for the benefit of its portfolio companies.  IAMG looks to developing and maturing Intellectual Assets around the desired product/service/technology to act as the foundation of the commercialization plan.  The defined Intellecutal Assets help to create and grow core markets as well as provide a basis for establishing alternate revenue streams in complementary markets.

Intellectual Asset Monetization



With a deep understanding of, and success with various Intellectual Asset Monetization methodologies, IAMG is best positioned to assist its portfolio companies and transaction partners in developing focused Intelelctual Asset Monetization Strategies.  Always monitoring market forces, IAMG continually repositions and adapts its monetization models to achieve optimal harvest during the Intellectual Asset Monetization life cycle.  Working through an expansive network of Intellectual Asset buyers, sellers, and brokers, IAMG works efficiently to package Intellectual Asset monetization packages for target rich audiences and tailor fits such packages according to specific moentization business processes.


Representative transactions in which IAMG personnel have participated include:


  • Resale of Intelelctual Assets For a 30 Time Multiple of Acquisition Cost

  • Purchase of Intellectual Asset Portfolio For Publicly Traded Company Which Immediately Added $15MM In Market Captialization

  • Successful Audit And Valuation Defense Of Intelelctual Asset Portfolio Which Was A Closing Condition Of a $53MM Technology Company Acquisition

Intellectual Asset Development 



IAMG works with its collaborators to analyze current and future use of the underlying intellectual assets of a new or mature Intellectual Asset Portfolio to best nurture the portfolio to optimize and maximize monetization opportunities. With continual review of market conditions, IAMG and its collaborators can best perform credible valuations of Intellectual Assets to determine appropriate harvest times and, more importantly, identify target transaction partners.  

IAMG has experience in developing and managing various Intellectual Asset classes inclusive of patents, brands (trademarks and trade dress), copyrights, as well as know how, and trade secrets 


Representative Intellectual Asset Portfolios that have been developed, management and/or monetized include: IT Cloud Platform For Regulatory Compliance Data Management and Workflow Assignment; Wireless Handset and Base Technologies; High Speed Networking Technologies; digital advertising platforms, retail brands (specialty foods), sports brands, social network mapping platforms, social media analytics, movie exchanges, and Parallel Computing Technologies.

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