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IAMG was founded as a platform firm deploying various mechanisms to optimally harvest value from innovation and to monetize intellectual assets.  These mechanisms include: commercialization, disposition, and, if need be, litigation.


Responsive to ever changing market forces, IAMG adapts its monetization models and repositions its portfolio companies to achieve maximum yield.  


The experience of our team is unparalleled, seamlessly converging technology, business, and legal skill sets in elegant harmony.

What We Offer
Independent of the portfolio company's Intellectual Asset needs, IAMG's personnel and/or affiliates provides various differentiated factors over our competition including: 
  • Decades of Intellectual Asset Experience
  • Success Stories Across Various Industries
  • Innovative Investment and Compensation Models
  • Deep Understanding and Appreciation of Technologies Across Various Industries
Who are We ?
IAMG, was founded by George J. Awad, Esq. for the purpose of companies and individuals alike to better understand the value of Intellectual Assets and to harvest such value through the development and deployment of comprehensive strategic Intellectual Asset Management, Commercialization, and Deployment Plans.  George is the Managing Director of IAMG always striving to expand IAMG's investments and services.
Generally, George has over twenty (20) years of broadly based Intellectual Asset portfolio creation, management, deployment, and commercialization experience in the USA, Europe, and Asia.  As a registered patent attorney, during his tenure in private practice,  George has represented various technology companies ranging from Fortune 100 companies to start-ups in numerous IP and corporate matters through every stage of the corporate life-cycle - i.e., from formation to disposition/exit.
Affiliate Network: 
IAMG works with a substantial affiliate network of Intellectual Asset, corporate consulting, technology, and venture fund/equity fund professionals and firms to identify paths for deploying and executing IAMG's developed Plans for IAMG's portfolio companies and IAMG's transactions.
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