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IAMG offers a number of complimentary advisory services to our portfolio companies and at-large clients. Drawing on a world class team of IP professionals, business analysts, and strategic advisors, IAMG is very well positioned to tackle the most complex problems as it relates to your intellectual asset portfolio through comprehensive strategic planning and deployment.




As a leading "intellectual capital venture firm", we are selective about our target portfolio companies/collaborators.  As a selected portfolio company, IAMG will invest and focus its resources of intellectual capital and funds to fully develop and harvest the value inherent in your intellectual asset portfolio. 




IAMG maintains a rich investment portfolio that span across various disciplines including healthcare information technology, general purpose cloud compuitng, power managment and optimization, social media, e-commerce, medical devices, financial services, consumer products, market research and micro targeting, and pharmaceuticals.This diverse portfolio lends itself for snergystic collaborations across market segments. 

Intellectual Asset Management Group



Intellectual Asset Defined:  Professionals and laypersons generally refer to intangible property as Intellectual Property (IP).  Defined as "property", it is easy to miss the inherent value of an intelelctual asset.  IAMG looks at IP as intellectual assets, not property, which gives rise to our proven philosophy - "harversting value from innovation"


Harvesting Value From Innovation: Intellectual assets are too often developed with an intent to commercialize. However, the path to successful commercialization is wrought with significant setbacks including substantial costs (time and labor) and unexpected market conditions.  IAMG stands ready to assist its portfolio companies and collaborators to overcome these obstacles with a proven commercialization methodology. 



Representative Portfolio Companies


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